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Veneto Region of Northern Italy: Tourist Map with Cities

The Veneto is a gem of a region in the northeast corner of Italy. Bound on the west by Lake Garda, on the north by the Dolomite Mountains and on the east by the Adriatic Sea, the landscape of the Veneto is rich and varied. From the grandeur of crumbly old Venice to the medieval flavor of Bassano del Grappa, and on to Belluno, a striking town that’s a gateway for visiting the Dolomites, the Veneto makes a fascinating region to explore.

I love Italy.

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The particular beauty of Naples, an incomplete list

A good article. Lots of pictures. Read the whole thing here.

I crave Naples the way I occasionally crave a very specific type of food: Intensely, completely, and then – in exactly the same way as when I allow myself to indulge in inadvisably large quantities of something like sushi or Indian food – not at all for a relatively significant length of time, until one day I wake up again and think: You know what I need? I need a pizza, eaten in the city where it was invented, and I need a dose of that in-your-face, brazen chaos that only Naples can properly deliver.

Naples, on the other hand, makes you work for its best bits. It doesn’t care if you love it or not, and so it holds its beauty close, tucking it away behind someone’s private gate or around a particularly grungy-looking corner, surprising you when you least expect it.


How you can get a castle in Italy for free

Are you looking for a renovation project in Italy?

Italy is giving away more than 100 historic buildings across the country including castles, farmhouses and monasteries.

But there is always a catch:

There’s a catch: Recipients of the free buildings must agree to transform them into tourist attractions, like hotels, restaurants or shops. Italy is specifically looking for entrepreneurs younger than 40 to transform the locations.

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The list of properties.


Why Neapolitan Pasta May Be the Best Pasta in the World

Naples is definitely on our bucket list. For the pizza and now for the pasta.

Everybody knows that Naples has the best pizza in the world, but it’s a lesser known fact that Neapolitan cuisine is more than just pizza pies. Naples’ food surprises await in every nook and cranny of its gloriously grungy, graffiti-decorated cobblestone alleys. The food fun starts with fried street treats and ends with flaky sfogliatella pastries. We love all of the food in this authentic Italian city, but Neopolitan pasta holds a special place in our hearts