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Infrastructure, Health Care, Education Lead Iowa to No. 1 Best States Ranking

Add to things we should already know.

Iowa may be better known for its corn, caucuses and creative writing programs, but the Hawkeye Cyclone state also leads the nation in efforts to bring ultra-fast internet access to every city block and every rural acre.

Iowa’s No. 1 rankings in the infrastructure category and the broadband access metric within that came as a “pleasant surprise” to David Daack, a broadband consultant for Connected Nation, which does business in the state as Connect Iowa. Previous data reports have shown Iowa more in the middle of the pack.

“When people think of Iowa, they usually think of agricultural places that won’t necessarily need to be connected,” Daack says. “But given the big data needs of agriculture today and in the future, those areas are going to need to be every bit as connected as the urban areas. … You could almost argue that maybe we should go (to the farms) first and work our way back into the cities.

The full article is here.

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Iowa’s Historic Hotels

Historic Iowa Hotels.

This weekend we crossed two more off the list – Hotel Winneshiek and Hotel Julien. We stayed at the Historic Park Inn Hotel in Mason City a few years ago. So that makes three (four if they had included the Continental in Centerville). Some pictures of the Hotel Winneshiek below.

Looking down at the Hotel Winneshiek lobby.

Hotel Winneshiek in Decorah, Iowa

The stained glass ceiling at the Hotel Winneshiek.

Hotel Winneshiek in Decorah, Iowa stained glass