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I think I work significantly more than that. (I’m sure everyone else thinks the same thing)

Now, the workday is ripe for another disruption. This is due in part to research that suggests that in an 8-hour day, the average worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes.

That’s right – you’re probably only productive for around 3 hours a day.

The most popular unproductive activities listed were:

Reading news websites – 1 hour 5 min
Checking social media – 44 min
Discussing non-work-related things with coworkers – 40 min
Searching for new jobs – 26 min
Taking smoke breaks – 23 min
Making calls to partners/ friends – 18 min
Making hot drinks – 17 min
Texting or instant messaging – 14 min
Eating snacks – 8 min
Making food in office – 7 min

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